Achievers are Learners Who Are...

The Te Puke ACHIEVER represents many faces of our school. 

The ACHIEVER has specific tools that represent the different characteristics that we want our children to demonstrate during their time at Te Puke Primary School.

We believe our Graduate Profile (The Te Puke ACHIEVER) is essential for a learning community as it makes explicit what we stand for and gives directions to our actions. 

We use ‘The ACHIEVER’ as a schoolwide icon and model. The BOT refer to ‘The ACHIEVER’ when planning and implementing management practices. We encourage children to display ‘The ACHIEVER’ characteristics in everything they do. ‘The ACHIEVER’ is an integral part of school and classroom culture. 

Classroom planning reflects aspects of ‘The ACHIEVER’. Enrolment packs, report forms and Student Led Learning Conferences align with ‘The ACHIEVER’ model. ‘The ACHIEVER’ is displayed in each classroom and each teaching team implements ‘The ACHIEVER’ model in their learning environment. 

Children set goals that reflect characteristics / attributes of The TPPS Learner Profile.