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Activate & Discovery Time

Activate and Discovery Learning is part of our curriculum where our Achievers have the AGENCY to choose and self direct their learning experiences by being Active, Innovative, Confident and Responsible.

DISCOVERY TIME is part of our Curious Kiwis and Creative Critters programme here at TPPS where our EXPLORER MODEL is taught explicitly and our Achievers have complete control of this. Not only do our Achievers integrate their Literacy and Maths skills but they also learn the art of social and emotional skills through play based learning.

ACTIVATE is an enrichment programme where our Future Force and Unstoppables are involved in trying to provide an explicit Social Action as a result of being exposed to areas of life that they are interested in or they see as a problem in one of their communities. Again this is integrated through the breadth of the curriculum with links to prior, present, future and real life connections.

These two learning opportunities give our Achievers real life opportunities to direct themselves and others with explicit opportunities to use our EXPLORER MODEL and also reflect using our ACHIEVER LEARNER PROFILE.