Formative Assessment Questions

We have a big focus on students being able to self report and make meaning of where they are at with their learning and making deeper links to the purpose and reason behind the skill development, content knowledge and their ability to transfer this new learning into another context or area. One way in which we reflect on how well the learning has been primed, framed or co-constructed by students and teachers is by obtaining STUDENT VOICE by asking our ACHIEVERS the following four questions:

1. What are you learning? (Directly linked to their WALT or Learning Objective from our LEARNING PROGRESSIONS).
2. Why are you learning this? (Directly linked to prior, present, future and real life connections).
3. How do you know if you have achieved your learning? (Directly linked to Green and Pink highlighting based on co-constructed SUCCESS CRITERIA).
4. What are your next steps in learning? (Again, directly linked to SUCCESS CRITERIA and LEARNING PROGRESSIONS).