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Personalising Learning

Personalised learning at Te Puke Primary School allows our Achievers’ to take control of their own learning as each Achiever is unique and learns in different ways. Personalising learning means students:

- understand how they learn

- own and drive their learning

- are co-designers of the curriculum and their learning environment

Our Achievers learning needs, interests, and capability determine the pace of learning where teachers are responsive facilitators. In a personalised learning environment the learning objectives, content, method, and pace may all vary (so personalisation encompasses differentiation and individualisation). 

At Te Puke Primary, the advantage of technology is that students can use the content anywhere, anytime and be the experts with their teacher. They can become experts in specific learning areas and create and transfer new knowledge to others and the wider world.

At TPPS the goal is for all resources to be available for learning ( teachers, parents/whānau, peers, technology, time, and learning spaces) and can be used flexibly to meet individual student learning needs.

Personalising learning challenges us at TPPS to think about what new resources may be needed to support learning, and how learners can access these - including resources that have not traditionally been thought of as part of our education system.