Flexible Learning Spaces

Flexible and responsive learning environments at Te Puke Primary School support strengths-based co-teaching and offer students and teachers flexibility, openness, and access to resources where our Achievers’ and teachers build their own capacity through modelling and constant feedback. Our Achievers’ and teachers learn in open, flexible learning environment where inquiries are shared, interventions devised collaboratively, and reflections based on both self and peer observations. This leads to a more robust, continuously improving community of practice where formative feedback is key! 

Te Puke Primary Schools flexible learning spaces (4 syndicates by the end of 2015) will include areas for:

We are very lucky to have two brand new Learning Environments about to be built by the end of the year with lots of research and collaboration going into these spaces so that they are responsive and flexible for ALL Achievers to reach their personalised potential.
We have used David Thornburg and Kenn Fisher's research around learning spaces to guide us on this journey.

We will be adding our completed designs shortly.