Multi-Age Co-Teaching

Co teaching at Te Puke Primary School develops professional relationships where 2, 3 and 4 teachers COLLABORATE to support our Achievers more effectively. Achievers are flexibly grouped throughout the day based on learning needs, activity, curriculum, work habits, levels of independence and content knowledge. This allows for multi-age learning to occur as Achievers skills, abilities and goals are also used so students direct their own learning as we have realised that the traditional method of grouping by chronological age isn’t always the best option. TEACHERS MODEL supportive, parallel, complementary and team teaching techniques collaboratively as a team throughout the day which build largely on our Achiever Values creating our LANGUAGE of LEARNING. No learner is thought of as an individual teachers' “responsibility”, but rather we work as a team to create the best learning environment for each child. 

We believe that opportunities built through Multi-Age and Co-Teaching environments at TPPS provide the vehicle to be culturally responsive. This will allow staff, students, whanau and our community to actively engage and build relationships using the TATAIAKO (Cultural Competencies) document so that not only our Maori students enjoy success as Maori, but all of our Achievers. 

The following 5 TATAIAKO COMPETENCIES are crucial in a Multi-Age and Co-Teaching environments  to know our learners, their whanau and iwi so that their world view, aspirations and knowledge are an integral part of the teaching and learning here at TPPS: