Multi age groupings

Why do we have multi age groupings at TPPS?

Schools and junior sporting teams are quite possibly the only locations in society where people of the same age only have to work together. So not only do schools not represent the rest of society they also do not prepare students to work with others who have differing ages therefore significantly differing levels of experience.

Our Learning Environments at TPPS are made up of multi age groupings targeting the developmental stages of learning rather than the traditional age of learning that most schools use.

This provides an opportunity for symbiosis or cross pollination between our Achievers. Our older or more able Achievers (Tuakana), primarily but not exclusively, bring manaakitanga (leading with moral purpose), Ako (being a learner), pono (having self belief), and āwhinatanga (guiding and supporting) to each group and our younger or less confident Achievers (Teina) bring wonderment, awe and enthusiasm.

There are times throughout the day that Achievers of similar ages will come together to learn or be, just as there are other times that Achievers of similar interests will have time to learn with one another. There has been a significant growth in awareness of others, empathy, tolerance, care and respect between Achievers since establishing these groupings in 2016.

Children copy and imitate what they see, hear and experience. The good, the bad and the “ugly”! Having the ability to group our Achievers in multi ability and multi age groupings for social and emotional development, learning and instilling our future focussed Achiever Values of being Innovative, Active, Responsible and Confident from a strength based perspective enables our Achievers to reach their potential .