Our Team

Principal's Message

I am honoured and proud to be the acting principal of Te Puke Primary School.

My responsibility as the Principal is to ensure that all students receive high quality education within a safe, respectful and supportive environment. Focused effort in a school is important if school-wide teaching and student learning are to improve. This involves communicating clear academic goals, having high expectations and self belief and valuing student and staff well-being. I believe my role is to 'Lead the Learning' for the school in all aspects of school life whilst embracing our unique community. 

I have high expectations of students and educators' achievement and believe all learners need to be supported to develop skills, knowledge, and passions, to become life-long learners. Promoting this in a positive and caring environment will ensure all students will be prepared as effectively possible, to become active, confident, innovative and responsible citizens, who contribute positively to the community they live in, and on a national and global stage.

I firmly believe that our ACHIEVERS are at the centre of all decision making. Also that creating strong relationships and having effective communication is an integral part of everyday life, personally and professionally. I believe in having a collaborative approach to new ideas, problems or change processes, whether it is with the Board of Trustees, staff, students or the wider community. For me the wider community plays a significant role in the success of our students and our school. I encourage the school community to engage in a wide range of experiences, whether it is supporting learning experiences in the class, sports teams, the arts, or outdoor education experiences.

The opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of our students, staff, caregivers and the wider community at TPPS excites me as an educational leader.


Acting Principal

Wayne Arthur                                   wayne.arthur@tepukeprimary.school.nz

Acting Deputy Principals
Miriam Makgill                               miriam.makgill@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Catherine Humphries        catherine.humphries@tepukeprimary.school.nz

Digital Technologies Lead Teacher
Kevin Piermarini                          kevin.piermarini@tepukeprimary.school.nz

Board of Trustees
Jim Smith  (Chairperson)
Bronwyn Loynes
Dale Snell
Rose-Anna Feist
Paulette Oldeman
Wayne Arthur (Principal)
Miriam Makgill (Staff Representative)

Unstoppables (Years 4-6)

Miriam Makgill (Team Leader) 
Amy Conder                                       amy.conder@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Shelley Gracie                                    shelley.gracie@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Karen Scott                                        karen.scott@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Amanda Gabb                                   amanda.gabb@tepukeprimary.school.nz

Future Force (Years 4-6)

Kevin Piermarini(Team Leader) 
Natasha Amadio
Suzanne Hartle
y                           suzanne.hartley@tepukeprimary.school.nz 
Andrea Denny                               andrea.denny@tepukeprimary.school.nz

Creative Critters (Years 1-3)
Tracey Brownlee (Team Leader)    tracey.brownlee@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Barbara Walker                                barbara.walker@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Denise Henson                                 denise.henson@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Sue White-Parsons                          sue.white-parson@tepukeprimary.school.nz

Talented Tuis (Years 1-3)
Catherine Humphries (Team Leader)                                                 
Naomi Jones                               naomi.jones@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Jo Davidson                                 jo.davidson@tepukeprimary.school.nz 
Ella Dow                                       ella.dow@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Monique Powell                         monique.powell@tepukeprimary.school.nz                                        

Ngakau Mahaki (Years 1 - 6)
Mareesa Tane (Team Leader)         mareesa.tane@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Cath Luker                                         cath.luker@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Tony Campbell                                  tony.campbell@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Holly Douglas                                    holly.douglas@tepukeprimary.school.nz


Curious Kiwis (Explorative Learning Environment)
Alice Chapman                              alice.chapman@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Angie Kasper                                 angie.kasper@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Vanessa Monks                             vanessa.monks@tepukeprimary.school.nz

Administration Team
Office Manager
Karen Struiksma                               karen.struiksma@tepukeprimary.school.nz

Finance Manager
Monique Verwey                              monique.verwey@tepukeprimary.school.nz

Library Manager / Literacy Intervention
Lisa Lawson                                      lisa.lawson@tepukeprimary.school.nz

John Williams                                   john.williams@tepukeprimary.school.nz

Social Worker in School
Tevita Lauhingoa               tevita.lauhingoa@fwn.org.nz

Igna Meyer                                             igna.meyer@tepukeprimary.school.nz
Elle Reid                                                  elle.reid@tepukeprimary.school.nz

Sport Co-ordinator

Julz Marriner                                          sports@tepukeprimary.school.nz


Room 16 - Kaka Street Satellite Unit

Cat Banks                                                   catb