Announcement : 

Join us for the opening of our new playground this Friday 24th May – 9.05am


At Te Puke Primary School, we are committed to supporting Pasifika learners and fostering an inclusive environment where Pasifika culture is strongly accepted and celebrated.

We recognise and value the unique contributions and perspectives that Pasifika students bring to our school community. We provide support programs and resources to ensure Pasifika learners have access to quality opportunities to display their culture through organised cultural events, performances, and workshops.

These opportunities showcase Pasifika arts, music, dance, and food, giving students the chance to proudly share and celebrate their cultural backgrounds. Our staff actively engage with Pasifika families, fostering open communication and collaboration to ensure their voices are heard and their needs are met.

Professional learning is currently being undertaken by staff that explores the Tapasā and supports the growth of our staff and the teaching of Pasifika learners. By embracing and empowering Pasifika learners, we strive to create a school culture that is inclusive, respectful, and enriching for all.


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